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UN Women agerar till stöd för fotbollsspelaren Jennifer Hermoso

Publiceringsdatum: 28 aug 2023

UN Women Spanien har snabbt agerat till stöd för den spanska landslagsspelaren Jennifer Hermoso i samarbete med spanska damlandslagets förbund. Ett uttalande har publicerats som också skrivits under av flera olika spanska aktörer. Här är uttalandet:

UN Women, as an advocate for women’s sport and a partner of FIFA, welcomes FIFA’s initiative to launch disciplinary proceedings, including the provisional suspension of Luis Rubiales, following a clearly inappropriate act towards an athlete, Jennifer Hermoso, at the final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. It also welcomes the actions initiated by the Consejo Superior de Deportes in Spain. The Spanish Women’s National Women’s Soccer Team is the undisputed world champion. Their skill and achievements should be the focus of all attention. Instead, totally unacceptable abusive comments and behaviors have turned these regrettable performances into something less worthy of celebration, both on and off the networks. From UN Women Spain we want to raise our voice and join those who advocate zero tolerance for any form of abuse or harassment, at any time and in any place, in women’s sport. We join those who condemn all such actions, including those that took place in the final and subsequent statements. As well as those who push for their labor rights and call for structural changes. Women in sport are breaking barriers. At the 2023 World Cup, team captains wore bracelets with messages of unity through sport and the eradication of violence against women. They showed their solidarity with others. Now we must stand in solidarity with them, because they are not alone.

Bild: FIFA/Katelyn Mulcahy