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Statement: UN Women Sweden and Spain Stand in Solidarity with Players’ Demands for Gender Equality and Respect in Football

Publiceringsdatum: 22 sep 2023

Madrid-Stockholm, 22nd Sept. 2023

UN Women Sweden and UN Women Spain, as staunch advocates for women’s sports and gender equality, express their unwavering support for the players participating in today’s match between the Spanish and Swedish national teams. We commend the players for their continued dedication to the #SeAcabo movement, a powerful protest against all forms of harassment against women in football.

Building on our previous statement we continue to condemn inappropriate behavior and harassment towards athletes and we reiterate the urgent need for structural changes in women’s football where needed as well as across all industries and activity sectors, since these are issues women and girls face across the planet. We emphasize the need for equality, respect, and protection of the rights of women in sports and, more largely, in the workplace which need to be safe spaces for all.

It is essential that the achievements and abilities of female athletes take center stage, free from any abusive comments or behavior that diminishes their accomplishments. UN Women Spain and UN Women Sweden join hands in condemning any abusive actions, including those that have occurred previously, and we stand alongside those demanding change, both in the sporting arena and beyond.

Solidarity Across Borders: Today, we also celebrate the solidarity of both teams as they stand together in protest against harassment with a powerful banner displaying #SeAcabo at the beginning of the match. This unified act sends a clear message that women in football demand respect, equality, and an end to all forms of harassment.

The women in sports are breaking barriers, inspiring women all over the world, and it is our collective responsibility to support them in this journey. Today, we stand united with the players and emphasise that they are not alone in their pursuit of real, meaningful change.

For media inquiries, please contact: prensa@unwomen.es

About UN Women Spain and UN Women Sweden: UN Women Spain and UN Women Sweden are National Committees of UN Women. National Committees are autonomous and independent non-profit, non-governmental organizations that support the mission of UN Women by raising funds from the private sector, promoting women’s rights, communicating and advocating for gender equality and securing worldwide visibility for women and girls. More information on the National Committees of UN Women here